All Beer. No Pretense.

We believe craft beer has the power to bring all kinds of people together.  We strive daily to create a something-amazing-for-everyone collection of thoughtful, handcrafted brews.  We are all beer and no pretense.


All are welcome. All are valued. All together now.

What we care about.

Giving back to the environment is very important to us. The taproom runs on solar power. The barley used to make the beer is given to farmers, and sometimes we plant new trees just to name a few. 


One ingredient or procedure that is slightly off can wreck the whole batch, so quality is a very important factor. From quality water to ingredients to procedures, we promise to do everything to create the best beer for everyone.


We think making and drinking beer is fun and exciting. So it's important that we have an enjoyable and fun space that reflects that. We hope you and your family enjoy this space as much as we do.



OMNI Doing Co.

We are committed to the city of Maple Grove, and want to do our part to give back, which is why we started OMNI Doing. OMNI Doing is a non-profit organization that houses a group of volunteers to meet on behalf of doing good in and around the community.

You can become part of OMNI Doing too! Here's how it works: 

  • Sign up for the OMNI Doing Co. email list below

  • Get notified for volunteer opportunities 

  • Meet with other members to volunteer and do good in the community

  • Enjoy OMNI beer in the taproom after the work is done

  • Bring your friends to join too!


OMNI Brewing wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for Justin and Zack's wives' - Allana and Megan.

Megan and Allana have been friends since the first grade. When they introduced Justin and Zack to each other...well... that’s when things started brewing.  After 6 months of the two couples double dating (basically visiting all the taprooms in the city,) Zack and Justin concluded, “We need to start a brewery together.”

As Zack and Justin started plans for opening OMNI Brewing they started asking Allana's dad, Steve, all kinds of marketing questions. As time went, Steve got mixed in to the opening plans.