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Private Events

A private event space with barrelfuls of character.

Rosemount, MN

Omni Winery Event Space- Rosemount -28.jpg

Unique Space​


Private parties are sectioned off from the rest of the taproom by a wall of oak barrels that are busy aging our wine. Opposite the wall of barrels stands the stainless steel tanks and production equipment we use to make our wine.

Private Service


Every private event will have private bar service to ensure you and your guests spend more time socializing and less time waiting in line to order your next beverage.

Outside Food Welcome


Bring any food or non-alcoholic beverages you'd like. Caterers, deliveries, potlucks–you name it and it's allowed. Due to state law, however, outside alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

Flexible Setup & Seating

Comfortably seat up to 52 people using 13 four-person tables. There's also a buffet table for serving food, collecting gifts, or using however you see fit. Tables may be arranged however you'd like to fit the needs of your event.

No Drink Minimums

We don't want drink minimums distracting you from your guests, so with the payment of a one-time fee, the space is booked and fully paid.​​

Drink Tickets & Wristbands


If you'd like to cover part or all of the tab for your guests, you can purchase wristbands or drink tickets to handout as they arrive with a 20% gratuity added. Either option can be arranged when you check in with a beertender on the day of your event.

Select Date & Book Event

Rental Fees​

Monday ($125) 11am-4pm or 5pm-10pm

Tuesday ($125) 11am-4pm or 5pm-10pm

Wednesday ($125) 11am-4pm or 5pm-10pm

Thursday ($125) 11am-4pm or 5pm-10pm

Friday ($250) 11am-4pm or 5pm-10pm

Saturday ($250) 11am-4pm or 5pm-10pm

Sunday ($250) 11am-4pm or 4:30pm-9pm



The private event space will be unavailable for a period of time this autumn as we get to work making next year's wines. We're uncertain how long this will take, but as soon as we know we will make the blocked dates available for booking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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