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OMNI Lager
Premium American Lager - 5% ABV
Our brew team has a soft spot for lagers, and this one is their favorite.


Lake Day
Session Pale Ale - 4.9% ABV
A cream ale base with a strengthened hop profile & citrusy flavor thanks to the late addition of Citra hops. Inspired by memories made in the Land of 10,000.

 Drink a Lake Day, Save a Lake  A portion of the proceeds from every Lake Day sold goes to supporting invasive species research aimed at preserving our lakes (& lake days) for future generations. 


Daily Dose
Coffee Cream Ale -  4.9% ABV
A light, crisp ale with just the right amount of coffee to kickstart your day or evening.


Rosemary Mint Ale
Herb Ale - 5% ABV
The mint is prominent but not overpowering. The rosemary provides a subtle yet sturdy backbone. Fresh Zeus hops accentuate the herbal character of this unlikely ale while providing just enough hop flavor to remind you that you are, in fact, drinking a beer.


Eldon & Laine
English Golden Ale - 4.3% ABV
Our take on the ales brewed in England near Burton-on-Trent. Every deep gold pour glows & carries with it a bouquet of malt flavors through the Marris Otter base malt. Each quaff delivers a slightly bitter finish from the Fuggles & Nugget hops. How posh!


 JT's Choice  Our Head Brewer, JT, says Eldon & Laine is currently his favorite beer on tap. And when JT pours, we listen. 



Double New England IPA - 8% ABV
In 2017, Freakin' Awesome Delicious (FAD) was voted "Best Hazy IPA" at a blind tasting beer festival organized by The Growler Magazine, beating out 47 other Minnesota NEIPAs for the crown. Heavy is the head that wears it, but with more than 6 pounds of Citra, Mozaic & Amarillo hops added per barrel brewed, The King's neck is doing just fine.


Time Machine
American IPA - 6% ABV
Great Scott! A throwback American IPA paying homage to the classic beers of the 90's & 2000's?! Traditional American ale yeast with "old school" Cascade & Centennial hops that remind us of simpler times. Fire up the DeLorean, Doc.


New England IPA - 6.3% ABV
Our latest in an unofficial series of NEIPAs that explores new hops and obscure references to Will Ferrell movies. This round melds one of our favorite new hops, Sabro, with a new classic hop, Mosaic. What is love? Ask a poet. But we'll take flavors of coconut, candy, bubblegum, and a splash pine over two creeps invading your space in a crowded Los Angeles nightclub that only serves Grey Goose & low-cal beer any night of the week.


TAPS 2022
Hoppy Red Ale - 6.1% ABV
A hopped up Irish Red Ale that bridges the pond with old school British hops and new school American hops. Grapefruit & tangerine take center stage in the aromatics while notes of pineapple, herbs & a subtle woodiness linger in the background. Citrus co-dominates the flavor with a malty sweetness that's followed by a subtle earthiness from the British hops. Finishes dry with a persistent bitterness that invites the next sip.


 6th Annual Veterans Fundraiser  $1 from every TAPS 2022 pour sold is donated to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). You can learn more about this non-profit organization here.

You Serious Clark?

Triple IPA - 10.5% ABV
If hops were twinkle lights, this sneaky squirrel is the Griswold residence mid-December. A refreshing tropical escape that'll ensure you have the hap-hap-happiest holidays since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny-Freakin'-Kaye. Where's the Tylenol?

Just One More IPA
Session IPA - 4.7% ABV
Okay one more but then I seriously need to leave. Seriously.



Melt - Blueberry & Pink Guava
Smoothie Sour - 6.3% ABV
The latest release in our Melt smoothie sour series. If you're a beer-curious wine lover with an affinity for fruit, this gateway brew will have you saying "Amber Ale" in no time.



Shanty Town
Nut Brown Ale - 4.3% ABV
A malt forward, session-able ale with nutty, biscuity & caramel flavors that provide refuge from Minnesota winters. A heated ice house in a pint glass, if you will.

Snow Ryemoval
Rye Lager - 6% ABV
A smooth drinker brewed with two different types of Rye that'll have you forgetting about that broken snowblower by the second sip. Snowblower? What snowblower? Exactly.



Super Scotch
Imperial Wee Heavy - 13% ABV
This taproom all-star is smoky, rich, complex & aged in bourbon barrels. Perfect for warming up and talking smart.

(Gluten Removed)

Citrus Delight
Hard Seltzer - 5.5% ABV
Cara Cara oranges, tangerines, mangoes & passion fruit join forces to produce a refreshing fruit-basket-of-a-seltzer from the previously mentioned plethora of fruit. And we don't throw the word "plethora" around lightly.

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