Prices include sales tax and Growler deposit if applicable.

When our taproom was open, we had a surprising number of regulars who happen to go by the name "Mike," and for some reason, most of our Mikes are especially fond of malty beers.

Weird, right? We don't get it either. But they inspired us to brew Mike, Mike, Mike, and we think all of you non-Mikes will definitely enjoy this one too.


Crowler - $7.70

Growler - $18.20


Delivery: Order by 4:30pm for same-day delivery

Pickup at Taproom: 10:00am - 8:00pm daily


We truly cannot express how grateful we are for your support during these difficult times, so thank you from every single one of us on the OMNI Brewing Co. Team! Cheers.

Mike Mike Mike

Crowler or Growler?