OMNI Lager



We have a soft spot for lagers.

A proper lager is straightforward in its final form, but our passion for brewing this style of beer rests in the complex care required to achieve such refreshing simplicity.

OMNI Lager is made with 100% American Pilsner Malt and hops grown just 10 miles from the brewery at Metropolitan Hops.

Oh, and it's magic!

HOPS: Cascade

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 8

OMNI Lager 6-packs are available at the locations pinned to the map, but if you're making a special trip, we still recommend calling ahead to ensure it's in stock. Cheers!

Interested in carrying OMNI at a bar, restaurant, or liquor store? Please email our sales team and we will follow up soon!